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Downward facing arrow with numbers above to indicate ping.
4 mins

How to get low ping and improve speeds for online gaming

A laggy internet connection can be the difference between victory and defeat for gamers. Here are some tips to help speed it up.
Building facade with columns and an eye.
4 mins

Government hacking: How countries surveil their own citizens

There have been numerous incidents in which governments have broken into encrypted apps. This puts your privacy at risk and raises cybersecurity concerns.
A phone with a fingerprint.
2 mins

Will your iPhone replace your passport or ID card?

Apple hopes so. The iPhone’s Secure Enclave already holds biometric and credit card information. Next up is your driver’s license and other forms of ID.
Speech bubbles with a thumbs down and frowning face.
3 mins

Signs that your child is being cyberbullied

We list common examples of cyberbullying and share signs that your child is a victim.
Key with cryptocurrency symbol.
3 mins

Frightening reality: You can buy ransomware as a service

Ransomware attacks were once carried out by skilled hackers. Now, anyone with a credit card can theoretically launch them. Case in point: the Colonial Pipeline hack.
cypherpunks and the beginnings of privacy
3 mins

Cypherpunks: Pioneers of online privacy

Encryption was once used exclusively for military purposes. Cypherpunks helped bring the tech into the mainstream.
A moon on a monitor.
3 mins

How Google Nest Hub sleep sensors monitor from afar

As Google grows its reach into our lives with hardware devices, is our health data falling into the wrong hands?
student surveillance software
3 mins

Taking an exam? First, install surveillance software

Universities are spending millions of dollars buying online proctoring and monitoring services, raising ethical concerns and adding to student stress.
can we govern big tech globally
4 mins

Can we govern Big Tech on a global scale?

Countries have largely set their own tech regulations. A joint effort could be a better path.
An app button with a virus and location symbol.
3 mins

Privacy flaw found in Google and Apple’s contact-tracing tool

Hundreds of contact-tracing apps on Android devices didn't keep sensitive data secure.

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